Weather reports do not deserve the amount of time given on TV and radio.

My local weather is the only important weather to cover on local news.

Weather reports should be concise and to the point. Weather reporters’ on-air chatter is distracting.

I wonder why TV weather people often stand in front of their weather maps as they read and point to the outlook?


There is too much violence on TV and in movies. Violence on TV and in movies don’t add to, or advance, plots.

If TV and movies decreased violence, I would enjoy the entertainment.

Children are not able to clearly differentiate between real violence and choreographed violence. Children cannot must learn to prevent violence in entertainment from affecting their daily behavior. Adults differentiate between real violence and choreographed violence. Adults are effected directly by violence in entertainment in their daily behavior.

I would go to the movies more frequently if there were less violence and more real plot.

Interest Rates

Do you know that an interest rate is the price charged by the owner of the money to rent that money to the borrower?

Grocer Bob’s bananas were $1.00 a pound several months ago. He could not sell more than 20 pounds a week. So two months ago Grocer Bob lowered the price to $0.50 per pound. He sold an average of 100 pounds each week over the following weeks. It looks like Grocer Bob will now make more profit from banana sales than he has in any recent period.

Grocer Bob is so smart that he lowered the price of bananas to $0.25 per pound a few weeks ago. He expected to sell 300 pounds per week. Grocer Bob is a wise businessman because he understands the concept of lowering prices to entice more buyers into his store.

When Grocer Bob lowered the price of bananas to $0.25 per pound he expected to sell 300 pounds. But Grocer Bob sold only 60 pounds.  Perhaps sales fell because people had less desire for bananas since their appetites got smaller for some unknown reason.

When interest rates were 6% many people borrowed money. When interest rates dropped to 5% fewer people borrowed money. This may be because fewer people were optimistic about what they might do with borrowed money to earn profits or improve their life. A decline in borrowing can precede, and even promote, development of a business slow down — a recession.

In this context, interest rates could fall to 4%. If rates do fall, it will indicate that there is not enough demand for money to support the 5% price to borrow money.

Years ago many people were willing to pay over 7% to borrow money.  They were willing to pay 7% for the chance to deploy borrowed money to reap an even bigger reward or improve their life. That indicated that people were optimistic.

If people feel there is a relatively big risk, they may borrow money, but only at a lower rate. If people feel there is a relatively low risk, they may be willing to borrow money at higher rates.

If there is a recession, rates will trend lower because fewer people will borrow money for cars, houses, business ventures, and investments.

If there is a recession, rates will go lower because fewer consumers will buy products and services. This implies fewer people will need to be employed manufacturing products and providing services to those fewer customers.

If there are fewer customers buying goods & services, and fewer workers earning wages, the decreased buying power and demand will lead to lower prices for many products and services. If prices continue to fall, even fewer people will be working, there will be even fewer potential customers with even less money to spend.  This is deflation.

In a deflationary environment, the demand for investment capital from the stock & bond markets declines. This implies stock & bond prices may be lower. That is because any already issued stocks & bonds will be in decreased demand.

Such a deflationary process will continue until it reaches a bottom. Then people will start regain jobs, earn money, start buying, the economy will grow, and people may again return to complaining about inflation.

Trashy Entertainment

Much of today’s movie & TV entertainment includes too much violence and sexual content. Too much of today’s entertainment includes too much sexual content. Violence and sex in today’s entertainment adds to its enjoyment.

I never watch TV shows that have violence. I enjoy most current movies regardless of whether they contain graphic violence and sex.

Music produced over the past decade is: Great? Terrible & will not endure? Worse than terrible!

My general opinion of computer games is: They are entertaining? They waste time? They contain too much violence?

My general opinion of movies is: Today’s movies are worth going to a theater to see? Today’s movies are not worth going to a theater to see? Today’s movies are not worth going to a theater to see & only rarely worth buying on DVD? Today’s movies are worth going to a theater to see & buying on DVD?

Violence in the movies is more tolerable than violence on TV. I usually search for old black and white movies on TV rather than viewing today’s movies.

Today’s actors are not nearly as good as those of 40 years ago.

Violence on TV affects today’s youth. Violence in entertainment has a direct effect on the way we act in our daily lives.

TV ratings are not accurate. They are as rigged as political polls are.

Would you go out to movies and watch today’s television more if there were less violence?

Many of today’s live music stage performances are best described as “flash & trash” presentations.

TV & movie content give children and adults ideas and attitudes regarding conflict resolution — that is, they use violence against those who upset or make them unhappy.

Hollywood and TV actors and the characters they portray are often believed to present role models and define the mannerisms and way average people tend to be in their daily lives. Today most actors and the characters they play are low class, dirty, uneducated and get ahead through illegal and shady methods. Do you think today’s types explain why so many average people are violent while driving and at work and so often dress in sloppy clothes?


The 3 R’s (Reading, Writing & Arithmetic) must be thoroughly learned by all students in order to work and prosper in the 21st century’s Information Age.

Computer training should not be offered in the standard elementary school curriculum because it distracts from daily teacher instruction of the 3 R’s, literature, economics, language, social studies and literacy-building subjects.

Computer training should be offered in the standard elementary school curriculum only as an extra-curricular activity.

Violent computer games should not be permitted in schools. Also, violent computer games should not be used by young people at home.

Multi-cultural studies should not be taught as separate subjects, but instead should be integrated into the relevant history, language and social studies courses.

Fluent, correct English must be learned because it is the language of industry and information in the US and the industrialized world.

All US education should include a curriculum in “US Cultural Studies.”

How do you perceive the US educational system compared to that of other nations?


Spain was the world’s major superpower from about 1500 to 1588. England was the world’s major superpower from 1588 to about 1795. France was the world’s major superpower from about 1795 to 1815. England was the world’s major superpower from 1815 to 1914.

Of course, you knew all that.

From a future perspective, the United States will be seen to have been the world’s major superpower from 1898 to about when: 1991? 2000? 2020?

What nation will be the world’s next major superpower? Germany? Russia? China? Japan? United States will continue onward & upward?

Oh, yes, about industry leading corporations: IBM was the world’s major computer company from 1957 to about 1990. GM was the world’s major vehicle manufacturer from 1940 to about 2006.


Oh Ya!  What Attitude?

1.  Usually the attitude I show off to the world is: Pleasant, Nasty, Snooty, Bright, Friendly, Aloof, Other?
Or, are you looking for an attitude?

2.  My attitude is responsible for my successes and failures.     Agree or Disagree?

3.  My attitude is responsible for my lack of successes.     Agree or Disagree?

4.  I prefer to be with people who do not display attitude.     Agree or Disagree?

5.  Today it is cool to display attitude.     Agree or Disagree?

6.  Generally people loudly display attitude to cover their actual lack of knowledge.     Agree or Disagree?


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