Personal Responsibility

If, After I Do Something Wrong… But…

If I’m caught after doing something wrong, I should accept responsibility.

But, if I’m caught after doing something wrong, I should accept responsibility only if my wrong can be proven.

But, if I’m caught after doing something wrong, I should accept responsibility only if I will probably not be able to get away with my wrong action.

But, if I’m caught after doing something wrong, I should accept responsibility only after the consequences are spelled out and made acceptable to me.

But, if I’m caught after doing something wrong, I should ignore the accusations as long as possible.

But, if I’m caught after doing something wrong, I should lie and deny having done it as long as possible.

If, after I do something wrong, I say “I accept full responsibility”, that means, “OK, now let’s forget about it”.

Or, does it mean, “Ouch, that responsibility really hurts” or “I promise I will never do anything like that again”, or “OK, but I really didn’t do all that I’m accused of”, or “I’m also ready to accept my punishment if I approve of it.”, or that I’m also ready to accept my punishment as prescribed by appropriate authority”?

Your Productivity

Who or what is actually producing today’s apparently great productivity?


Recent government economic statistics report that productivity is high. Personally, my productivity at work is higher than it used to be. More people use more technology at work now than they did several years ago. Many people produce more goods and/or services than they did several years ago.

In your work, what part of your final product is being created by automated equipment including computers and computerized machines? If you didn’t have automated equipment, would you be able to do your job? If you answered “Yes”, would it take longer to produce the same amount of goods and/or services as you do today?

If you answered “YES”, would the goods and/or services you might produce without automated equipment be as high quality?

So, actuality, is it you or the automated equipment that makes your productivity higher today?

Do you worry about losing your job in an economic downturn? In an economic downturn do you think fewer workers could operate more automated equipment and thus produce the same amount of goods and/or services?

If you were the boss or owner of a business in the next economic downturn, what would you do? Would you lay off people, acquire more automated equipment, or all of these?

If you were to honestly, accurately and anonymously measure in salary what you are worth to your employer today, would it be more than you get paid today, about what you get paid today, or less than you get paid today?


Do Honor and Integrity Matter?

A person or institution must be honorable and possess integrity to gain my respect. Considering some professions in order of respect, doctor, teacher, scientist, entrepreneur, military people, clergy.

Some I have no respect for include, politician, sports figures, journalists, movie stars, and lawyers.

Many of us have known people with a need to control others. Do you agree the best way to control others is to first gain their respect because then they are likely to voluntarily want to follow?

In my work, my style is to respect coworkers, showing them they are fortunate to work for me, acting as a boss who controls through respect rather than force?

Can you name a person or institution that you truly respect?

Progress By So Few

Thanks For The Progress
So Much Created & Built By So Few

Over mankind’s 2500 civilized years progress has been driven by relatively very few people. The group of people that has changed the world the most is politicians, business people, scientists, clergy, military, or whom?

Much of mankind’s progress has been the result of some individual’s desire to improve the life-style of many others. Much of mankind’s progress has been the result of someone’s desire to improve his own life-style.

Most people reading this are reasonably comfortable in many ways, yet it appears that many people are complaining about something much of the time. Why don’t most people feel thankful for what they have?

Do you hope, or even expect, that you may make the world somewhat better before you die?


Inventions of the 20th Century Survey
Changing the Direction of Everything
Beyond Most People’s Understanding

The last quarter of the 20th century is the best time ever to have lived. You likely disagree with statement. Instead, you wish you had lived or could live in some other time.

Can you name three inventions or discoveries that had a real positive impact upon your life? How about electric lighting, the telephone, automobile, airplane, or the computer?

How about the transistor & integrated circuit, laser, food processing technology, the Hubble space telescope, earth satellites, the Theory of Relativity, or vaccines against diseases?

Can you name an invention or discovery that had major negative impact upon your life?

There have been many more positive than negative inventions. Yet history shows it takes only a few negative inventions (e.g., weaponry, poison chemicals, etc.) to cause major devastation and destruction.

What isms?

How about you?

I want to live in a society that promotes individualism, not paternalism.

I want to live in a society that promotes capitalism, not socialism.

I want to live in a society that is free, not tightly controlled.

I want to live in a society that is governed by a constitution, not a monarchy or aristocracy.

By today’s definitions, I consider myself to be a liberal, not a conservative.

The US political party that tends to support individualism is the Democrat, not the Republican. The US political party that tends to support paternalism is Democrat, not Republican.

Russia implemented socialism in 1917. The experiment failed and its economy and has failed and its people live in despair, unlike those living in the USA. It is estimated that it will require 20 years of consistent 8% growth to bring Russia up to the standard of living of today’s Portugal.

Why are Americans against a tax cut in the US and desirous of more big government implementing socialist-type policies?

Is it because Americans are complacent? Or, is it that Americans don’t realize the long-term destructive impacts of socialism/communism upon their rights and prosperity?

Stock Splits

What Do I Have & What Will I Get?

I own 1000 shares of IBM stock that pays $0.88, or about .5% dividend annually. I heard it may split 2 for 1.

If it splits 2-for-1, how many shares will I have and what will the new dividend be?

My sister told me that I the number of new shares will be 1000. My brother told me I would have 2,000. My stock broker told me I would have 500 shares. Should I get a new broker — and a new sister?

Each said the new dividend will be $1.76
$0.44, $0.88. I don’t know whom to believe.

Is it good for a stock to split? Should I hold or sell after the split?


Warriors — Wars Are Fought To Be Won

Wars are waged over either principles, politics, wealth. Power derives from the winner’s plan.

Wars should always be fought to be won. Warriors should use the most effective weapons in order to win. Wars should be fought using the most effective soldiers.

Generally men make better soldiers than women because they have more physical stamina, are stronger, and a more resilient in battle. Some women make good soldiers because they work hard to build physical stamina and attain a dedication to the cause. However, in an army of men and women of equal physical stamina, the men will be better soldiers.

Generally men are better soldiers than women because they are more willing to die for principles than are women.

The single factor most important in a soldier’s contribution to a winning war effort is intestinal fortitude coupled with physical stamina, and a willingness to die for principles.

Can you name any principle that you would die for?

Movies — Entertainment?

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Movies Today — Those Great, Not So Good, & My All-time Favorite

About recent movies, I rarely go to see movies in the first week’s showing. There are too many action movies. The movies I enjoy contain sex, violence. But I stay home often because they are too expensive.

A recent movie I enjoyed is… oh… I can’t recall even one. I often prefer older movies. Some of my favorites are “Gone With The Wind”, “Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid”, “North By Northwest”, “The Ten Commandments”, “It’s A Wonderful Life”, “Casablanca”, “Star Wars”, “Bridges of Madison County”, “Animal House”, “The King and I”, “Psycho”, “The Wizard of Oz”.

But my all-time favorite movie is Casablanca.

Theater admission prices are too high. I usually wait to see movies and buy them online.

TV — Remember when it was just a wasteland?

Will TV Ever Good Enough To Be Called A “Vast Wasteland” Again?

These days, TV makes a poor roommate, baby-sitter, companion, informer, gossip, & even a poor provider of entertainment.

I access the Internet using my TV as a monitor, rather than using a computer.

I watch too many hours a day is your TV. Well… I used to, but not any more.

I have both cable and satellite access.

Do you expect to access the Internet via TV cable or satellite soon.

Generally, what do you do when a commercial comes on? I watch it sometimes, but usually mute the sound.

For news, I generally select broadcast stations, rather than
cable stations. Usually, I don’t think about it.

I enjoy watching movies on the premium cable channels. Some of my favorite TV channels are PBS, History Channel
CNN, any movie channels, CNBC, any with talk shows. Although, I often search the dial & find nothing worthwhile.

I dislike it when news reporters speak too fast. But they usually do. News reports omit many important stories and present too many trivial stories.

Television is the most despicable invention of the 20th century.

What, if any, television stations do you respect as news sources. Do you include CNBC, CNN, CNN Headline News, FOX News, or MSNBC on your watch list?

What, if any, newspapers do you respect as a news sources.