Car & Light Truck Survey

Automobile & Light Truck Survey

Style, Safety & Costs

1. The vehicles that I drive include: Compact auto; Sports car; Mid-size auto; Large SUV; Smaller SUV; Full-size auto; Light truck 2 door or 4 door.

2. My next vehicle will likely be: Purchased or Leased?

3. My next vehicle will be: Similar style & same manufacturer; Similar style but a different manufacturer; Different style but same manufacturer; Different style & different manufacturer.

4. I am fairly sure which manufacturer’s vehicle I want to buy next time. Agree or Disagree?

5. Generally, how important is styling, the looks and appearance of your vehicle to you? Very important; Somewhat important; Not at all important.

6. Country of origin is important in the selection of my next vehicle. If it is, please select any countries of origin that you favor. Country of origin is important — or — Country of origin doesn’t matter. France, Sweden, Germany, USA, Japan, Korea, Italy, Other?

7. What will be the more important factors when you select your next vehicle? Safety; Styling that’s cool; Gas mileage; Utility & convenience; Overall economy of maintenance & operation; Convertible – soft or hard top; Others?

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