Your Productivity

Who or what is actually producing today’s apparently great productivity?


Recent government economic statistics report that productivity is high. Personally, my productivity at work is higher than it used to be. More people use more technology at work now than they did several years ago. Many people produce more goods and/or services than they did several years ago.

In your work, what part of your final product is being created by automated equipment including computers and computerized machines? If you didn’t have automated equipment, would you be able to do your job? If you answered “Yes”, would it take longer to produce the same amount of goods and/or services as you do today?

If you answered “YES”, would the goods and/or services you might produce without automated equipment be as high quality?

So, actuality, is it you or the automated equipment that makes your productivity higher today?

Do you worry about losing your job in an economic downturn? In an economic downturn do you think fewer workers could operate more automated equipment and thus produce the same amount of goods and/or services?

If you were the boss or owner of a business in the next economic downturn, what would you do? Would you lay off people, acquire more automated equipment, or all of these?

If you were to honestly, accurately and anonymously measure in salary what you are worth to your employer today, would it be more than you get paid today, about what you get paid today, or less than you get paid today?

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