Warriors — Wars Are Fought To Be Won

Wars are waged over either principles, politics, wealth. Power derives from the winner’s plan.

Wars should always be fought to be won. Warriors should use the most effective weapons in order to win. Wars should be fought using the most effective soldiers.

Generally men make better soldiers than women because they have more physical stamina, are stronger, and a more resilient in battle. Some women make good soldiers because they work hard to build physical stamina and attain a dedication to the cause. However, in an army of men and women of equal physical stamina, the men will be better soldiers.

Generally men are better soldiers than women because they are more willing to die for principles than are women.

The single factor most important in a soldier’s contribution to a winning war effort is intestinal fortitude coupled with physical stamina, and a willingness to die for principles.

Can you name any principle that you would die for?

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