Trashy Entertainment

Much of today’s movie & TV entertainment includes too much violence and sexual content. Too much of today’s entertainment includes too much sexual content. Violence and sex in today’s entertainment adds to its enjoyment.

I never watch TV shows that have violence. I enjoy most current movies regardless of whether they contain graphic violence and sex.

Music produced over the past decade is: Great? Terrible & will not endure? Worse than terrible!

My general opinion of computer games is: They are entertaining? They waste time? They contain too much violence?

My general opinion of movies is: Today’s movies are worth going to a theater to see? Today’s movies are not worth going to a theater to see? Today’s movies are not worth going to a theater to see & only rarely worth buying on DVD? Today’s movies are worth going to a theater to see & buying on DVD?

Violence in the movies is more tolerable than violence on TV. I usually search for old black and white movies on TV rather than viewing today’s movies.

Today’s actors are not nearly as good as those of 40 years ago.

Violence on TV affects today’s youth. Violence in entertainment has a direct effect on the way we act in our daily lives.

TV ratings are not accurate. They are as rigged as political polls are.

Would you go out to movies and watch today’s television more if there were less violence?

Many of today’s live music stage performances are best described as “flash & trash” presentations.

TV & movie content give children and adults ideas and attitudes regarding conflict resolution — that is, they use violence against those who upset or make them unhappy.

Hollywood and TV actors and the characters they portray are often believed to present role models and define the mannerisms and way average people tend to be in their daily lives. Today most actors and the characters they play are low class, dirty, uneducated and get ahead through illegal and shady methods. Do you think today’s types explain why so many average people are violent while driving and at work and so often dress in sloppy clothes?

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