Inventions of the 20th Century Survey
Changing the Direction of Everything
Beyond Most People’s Understanding

The last quarter of the 20th century is the best time ever to have lived. You likely disagree with statement. Instead, you wish you had lived or could live in some other time.

Can you name three inventions or discoveries that had a real positive impact upon your life? How about electric lighting, the telephone, automobile, airplane, or the computer?

How about the transistor & integrated circuit, laser, food processing technology, the Hubble space telescope, earth satellites, the Theory of Relativity, or vaccines against diseases?

Can you name an invention or discovery that had major negative impact upon your life?

There have been many more positive than negative inventions. Yet history shows it takes only a few negative inventions (e.g., weaponry, poison chemicals, etc.) to cause major devastation and destruction.

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