The 3 R’s (Reading, Writing & Arithmetic) must be thoroughly learned by all students in order to work and prosper in the 21st century’s Information Age.

Computer training should not be offered in the standard elementary school curriculum because it distracts from daily teacher instruction of the 3 R’s, literature, economics, language, social studies and literacy-building subjects.

Computer training should be offered in the standard elementary school curriculum only as an extra-curricular activity.

Violent computer games should not be permitted in schools. Also, violent computer games should not be used by young people at home.

Multi-cultural studies should not be taught as separate subjects, but instead should be integrated into the relevant history, language and social studies courses.

Fluent, correct English must be learned because it is the language of industry and information in the US and the industrialized world.

All US education should include a curriculum in “US Cultural Studies.”

How do you perceive the US educational system compared to that of other nations?

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